3 Mistakes Sellers Should Avoid

For some buying or selling a house is a transaction that they may only make once or twice their entire life. Even though this is something that is rarely done by some it is important to know the top 3 mistakes to avoid when selling your house.

Mistake 1 – Not getting an appraisal before selling
How much is your house worth? Unfortunately most sellers pick an arbitrary number to start with based on what other houses on their street are being listed for or they take a guess at what they think other people are willing to pay for it. Most realtors can help you determine the value or your house in hopes of getting your listing and earning a commission from the sale of your house. Our recommendation if you are really not sure what your house is worth is to get it appraised. Yes it will cost you some money but once you have an accurate estimated value for you home it will help you when it comes time to negotiate and sell.

Mistake 2 – Not being fully prepare for open houses
If you are selling it is important to prepare your house for potential buyers to come take a look. Most sellers will typically get the carpets cleaned, declutter the house, hire a staging company and throw on a fresh coat of paint. In extreme cases some sellers will replace old windows and doors, the furnace or hot water tank, redo the roof or remodel the kitchen and bathroom.

Mistake 3 – Accepting an offer without a third party reviewing it
It can be very exciting to finally have an offer in your hand but accepting an offer without reading all of the fine print can be a costly mistake for the seller. If you have an offer from a buyer it is important to get a third party, like a lawyer, to review the offer before you sign on the dotted line. Once the buyer and the seller has sign the offer to purchase the the seller is legally obligated to sell and the buyer is also legally obligated to buy.

Having this knowledge can help a seller be better prepared before selling. These 3 mistakes can be avoided simply by using the service offered by WBHW. We work with appraisers and gather data on your house to determine the value, we help keep more money in your pocket by avoiding costly repairs and finally there are no no-obligations with our offers. Sellers are never pressured to make a hasty decision. Fill out the short application on our homepage to get started right away.

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