Are You Behind On Payments, Facing Foreclosure Or Bankruptcy?

If you are falling behind on payments of any kind – mortgage payments, property taxes, utility payments or any other loan payment and you are now facing foreclosure or bankruptcy on your house, can not only help you, but we can save you tens of thousands of dollars.

If you get behind on mortgage payments or property taxes, the bank or the City of Winnipeg can force a sale of your home. If this happens, you will have no control over how or when your house will be sold and you may be left with little to no money after legal and professional fees are paid!

At, we can purchase houses quickly so you can avoid the bank or the City foreclosing on your property, allowing you to get a fair price for your house and also avoid paying thousands in legal and other professional fees these institutions will charge when they foreclose on your property.

If you are facing a situation where you may lose your home because you are behind on payments, fill out the application form on our site and a representative from will contact you within 48 business hours or less.

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