Foundations and Leaky Basements

You may not know this, but Winnipeg is built on an ancient lake that left behind 15 to 40 feet of clay and silt directly on the surface of the earth.

As far as foundations are concerned, this clay and silt is more prone to shrinking and swelling, which makes foundations in Winnipeg more likely to shift, crack and leak water over time.

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Read on for more information about foundation repairs and the cost of fixing your foundation.

What causes foundation problems?

In addition to the shrinking and swelling of the ground which places pressure on the foundation walls, there are also a variety of other things that can cause foundation problems.

A common cause of foundation problems is improper drainage around the perimeter of the house, which can cause water to pool and eventually make its way into the house. Improper drainage can be a result of many things, including clogged weeping tiles, downspouts that drain too close to the house and poor grading next to the house.

Another cause of foundation problems can be trees that are located too close to the home, which causes the earth around it to shrink in the summertime when the tree needs water.

What can happen to the foundation?

Depending on your foundation type, the age of your home and the soil conditions, your foundation can be affected in several different ways.

Over time, small shifting and settling in the house is expected to happen due to the soil conditions in Winnipeg and should not be a cause for alarm. For example, the basement floors of older homes experience heaving and cracking over time. However, should not be a cause for concern as basement floors in older homes are generally not a part of the structure.

However, bigger and more expensive problems to look out for include visible horizontal or diagonal cracks in the foundation wall, doors and windows that stick and don’t close properly and cracks that appear near window frames. In particular, if your foundation walls are noticeably buckling it’s a serious problem that should be fixed immediately.

How much can it cost to fix?

Foundation_4The cost to fix foundation problem can greatly vary depending on how long the foundation issues have been happening for.

If the issue is caught early enough, preventative measures such as improving outside drainage and filling of small cracks can usually fix the problem well enough.

In cases where the foundation problems have advanced far enough, the necessary repairs are labor intensive and become very costly. To properly address the situation, it is usually required to excavate around the perimeter of the house by the foundation down to the depth of the footing that the basement walls are sitting on. Then, the necessary repairs are done and the hole is backfilled. A more extensive repair such as this can start at $10,000 and go up as high as $50,000 based on a number of factors.





What are my options?

Depending on the severity of the foundation issues, you can hire and pay a company to come and try to fix the situation. Even after the repairs are completed, there is no guarantees the problem will not come back at some point in the future.

If you believe the foundation damage to your house to be significant, We Buy Houses Winnipeg can help. We have assisted many Winnipeg homeowners who otherwise didn’t have the the funds or did not want to fix the problem themselves by purchasing their homes for a fair market price.


Call We Buy Houses Winnipeg at (204) 272-4994 or fill out the form to have a representative from We Buy Houses Winnipeg talk to you about how we can purchase your home so you don’t have to deal with your foundation problem.




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