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Facing foreclosure can be a difficult situation. Most homeowners may not be aware that IT IS still possible for sell your property even if you are facing foreclosure. Here are 3 quick ways to sell your property if you are facing a foreclosure of any kind:

1. Sell on your own – If you are unable to work out a solution with the bank to stop the foreclosure process you can try and sell your property on your own. You can place a for sale sign on your lawn, post a free add on Kijiji or try a service like Comfree to list your property for a fee. There are a few problems with this option. Selling privately can be a daunting task because the sale of your property is completely dependant on your ability to market your property to potential buyers, making time to show the property or spending a lot of money making expensive renovations.

2. Sell with a realtor – Selling with a realtor is one of the easiest but most expensive way to sell your property. Realtors are sales people and they get paid on commission, typically 4% – 7%, to help you sell your property. If you are facing foreclosure time is not on your side and selling your property with a realtor may not be the best option for your situation. Selling through the MLS can take months of showings and open houses and a realtor may recommend that you stage your property or make some repairs which are both expensive options.

3. Sell to us privately – Here at We Buy Houses Winnipeg we understand that selling your home and getting out of the situation that you are currently facing is your top priority. From the moment you call us or fill out the form below we will contact you within 24 hours and because we are a private buyer of homes, we can make you an offer to purchase your property in as-is and depending on your urgency we can close a sale within 15 business days. With us there are no headaches of trying to sell on your own, no expensive commission fees and you do not need to make any unnecessary and expensive renovations, we will simply buy as-is.


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