Trash or Treasure, What do potential buyers see?

We have all heard the saying “one man’s trash, is another mans treasure.” Here at we understand that there are many different reasons why a house can fall into disrepair. Some of these reasons are simply due to the age of the property, deferred maintenance, financial constraints or personal issues that have had a negative impact on the property. Regardless of the reasoning or the condition of your house it still has great value but only if you know the right buyer.

Most homeowners are not aware that there are a handful of buyers who will buy their properties from them in “as-is” condition. Depending on the goals of the buyer it really is in the best interest of the homeowner not to make any repairs. Any money spent by the homeowner to paint, remodel or put down some new flooring might be wasted if the buyer plans on doing extensive renovations and in some cases the buyer may decide to tear down the existing house to rebuild a new house.

Renovating older homes can also have some huge safety risks. Some older houses may have harmful mold behind the walls due to poor insulation, building materials that contain lead or asbestos which is a known carcinogenic. In cases like this it is better that the homeowner save their hard earned money and leave the expensive cleanup and remediation process to the trained professionals and a buyer who has the resources and the expertise to handle such a situation.

If you are the owner of a house that is in serious disrepair and you are experiencing a lot of stress because of the current condition of your house then visit our homepage and fill out an application to get started. Let us help you solve your real estate problems today.

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